You thought the police had shit under control? Like… Y’all called the fucking police and put Briana and others at additional risk.

“Surround them until they leave?” YES. YES. That is exactly what should have happened. Frankly, there should have been point people — white people — who made sure such people didn’t even get in. But yes, after the fact? Y’ALL SHOULD HAVE SURROUNDED THEM AND MOVED THEM OUT. Instead people chatted them up. People talked about giving them the chance to speak and clarify their intent.

And then you come here making demands of Briana to tell you how to do shit the right way? You know why POC don’t come to your events? Because they aren’t safe for us. You aren’t safe for us. Hell, y’all don’t even reach out to us to begin with. But when shit goes down and y’all have a chance to live your words and punch a Nazi, instead every single one of you uses the excuse that you thought other people had it handled. And y’all let one of your people try to silence Briana AND PUT HER HANDS ON BRIANA. You disagreed with what that woman said, but you didn’t tell her to back the fuck off and keep her hands to herself, but you want Briana to give you a step-by-step guide on how to do right?

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