Three Poems In Early April

Aaminah Shakur
2 min readApr 11, 2017


Poem “White Supremacy” (unformatted text below); white text on white background

White Supremacy / by Aaminah Shakur

It’s not just hoods and gas chambers / Not everyone holds a copy of / Mein Kampf / In one hand and a noose / In the other / It’s not resolved by / “You people can vote now” / And “This is the land of opportunity / If you work hard” / We still live under white supremacy / Some of us benefit more than others / And being asked to recognize how / You benefit from or perpetuate racism / Is not a slur / But it’s all white supremacy

Poem “Resolved” (unformatted text below); Black text with spring green highlighting over text on white background

Resolved / by Aaminah Shakur

Resolved: / Will live through this / Resolved: / Will not be anyone’s example / Resolved: / Gonna survive some more / Resolved: / Gonna exceed my own expectations / Resolved: / Seeing a future for myself / Resolved: / Seeing my place in the world / Resolved: / Giving without fear of scarcity / Resolved: / Giving to myself as well / Resolved: / Want more / Resolved: / Want for others what I want for myself / Resolved: / Will do better / Resolved: / Will live through this

Poem “Don’t Mind Me” (unformatted text below); a mix of black, purple, & blue text in mixed fonts on white background

Don’t Mind Me / by Aaminah Shakur

I don’t have any answers / Don’t really know shit / Got a lot of questions myself / Tend to be confused / Frustrated / And confounded / A lot of the time / What I got is opinions / Subject to be proven wrong / I get shit wrong every day / But what I get right is / I am not free while anyone / Else remains oppressed / What I know is / There’s a better way / Even if I’m unsure of / All the particularities / I don’t always have a solution / Just cuz I recognize / Some shit is wrong / Someone has to name it / Maybe someone else / Has the suggestions / Someone else has the tools / Someone else knows how to / Make it happen / We can’t do it alone / But I don’t have the answers / So don’t mind me / At all