This right here is white supremacy. Briana does not owe you the labor of solutions. Briana does not owe you niceness. And you are demanding labor. You didn’t even start out with the decency of introducing yourself, thanking her for her efforts, apologizing for letting someone put their hands on her, apologizing for your own complicity or anything. You just jumped right in making excuses for your RACIST behavior at the rally, made some demands about how POC should create our own events (hey, FYI, Briana HAS created events and white people fuck shit up and try to take over and invite the police and don’t do shit to protect Black people at those too.) It’s bloody well racist to tell a Black woman she needs to offer solutions to go with her critiques after she has been traumatized. It’s bloody well racist to call her “hostile”. THIS IS WORK YOU NEED TO GO DO WITH WHITE PEOPLE. Your comments are fucking violent. And also? Fucking pay Briana for the time and energy you have demanded of her and the violence you perpetrated in these comments and the violence you allowed to happen at the event.

artist/historian/poet/culture critic — — Gratuity: CashApp $aaminahshakur or

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