The 10 Things No Woman or Femme Should Wear After They Turn 40

There is a saying that if you are old enough that you wore something when it was last in fashion, you are too old to wear it when it comes back around again. This is commonly applied to things like jelly sandals and hair scrunchies, because things like bikinis and little black dresses seemingly never go out of style anyway. A lot has been said about what career-minded women hitting 30 should toss from their closet, and the rules get even harsher when you turn 40 (and then harsher again when you turn 50!) As someone who is comfortably living in my non-binary femme body at 43, let me tell you the things I agree no woman or femme should wear anymore after they turn 40.

  1. Anything that doesn’t feel comfortable — why should you tolerate itchy wool or shoes that give you blisters or a skirt you feel you can barely move in?



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