Nope nope nope nope, and more nope. Stop trolling. Shannon already explained they dress and adorn for their own pleasure. It is not “for negative attention”. And women (and queer folks) are CONSTANTLY being critiqued no matter what we do or don’t do, so it literally does not matter what we choose to wear or not wear, how we do or do not do our hair, some asshole is gonna comment about it. How is my existing as a fat person with a big ass “do(ing) things that generate attention”? The fact is negative attention exists, hell, you’re offering it up right here while couching it in false claims about interest in points of view. The POINT is that we don’t exist for your edification or for your interest, so the fact that all you can offer is negative attention is about YOU, not Shannon.

artist/historian/poet/culture critic — — Gratuity: CashApp $aaminahshakur or

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