It’s The Littlest Things

Aaminah Shakur
2 min readJan 26, 2017
Original art by Aaminah Shakur — acrylic on canvas, hand embroidery & beading, in wooden hoop frame. NFS
Image of poem “It’s the Littlest Things” by Aaminah Shakur — with correct formatting. Text below.

You can listen to me read this poem HERE.

Text of poem for those who cannot view the image above (this text does not offer appropriate formatting):

It’s the very smallest, littlest things

that drive us up a wall

push us beyond our endurance

clue us in

to just how fucked up everything

really is

The littlest things overwhelm us

But it’s the littlest things

that can save us too

It’s all gone downhill so fast

hasn’t it?

we act shocked as if we

were not warned

but it’s the big things

that we never believed

and yet here they are

But it’s the littlest things

that can save us too

Step away

Take the dog for a walk

Eat that piece of cheesecake

Go out with a friend for tea

Look at beautiful things

Make something with your hands

Go to an art show or concert

Listen in on the children playing

Dance badly to salsa at 5am in your kitchen

Buy the flowers

Say hello to someone new

Sit with your eyes closed



Cast a spell

Breathe deeply

Take your vitamins and medications

Drink water

Share clean water with someone else

Take a long shower

Sing to yourself the song you loved as a child

Read the book you’ve been meaning to

Write the letter you’ve been putting off

Email the project proposal or submission

Hold a baby and look into their face

Make love every chance you get

Smile at your own reflection

Stare at the moon

Say good morning to the sun

Wear the color you never dared

It’s the littlest things

that can save us too