2017 in Review, and What’s Coming in 2018

A few of the journals I have painted the covers of and made available for purchase (see link below)


I had the opportunity to write some really intense things about some important topics, such as living with bipolar disorder, teen suicide, how the ACA repeal will affect disabled people, and advice for people who want to support Muslims and BIPOC. I worked with wonderful editors at Rest for Resistance, Wear Your Voice, Ceilings & Standards, OTV Magazine, Alyss Lit, and Bitch Media. Here is a list with links to some of the best things I published this year (the complete list can be found here):


Because this year has been so focused on school and because a lot of energy was put into moving in February/March, I haven’t had time to create much in the way of art. I did create a series of painted journals that are available for purchase here.


I did pretty well this past year in school. There were definitely times when I was concerned I would not do well, and when I felt overwhelmed. But I finished the year with grades I am very proud of and a solid 3.77 GPA.

Spring 2017 transcripts
Summer 2017 transcripts
Autumn 2017 transcripts

2018 — What’s New, What’s Coming

I will be hard at work for the next few weeks on some visual art work I’ve been sketching for almost all year. I am part of a group show titled “Tart” that opens in late January in Holland (Michigan), curated by Tamara Fox.



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